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Corrine Towett-Laight

ROLES: VA, OBM, Marketing Coordinator, CX Generalist
LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya

Corrine's superpower lies in transforming business chaos into strategic order with her unique flair for creating efficient, tech-driven systems. With her expertise, knowledge, and extensive experience, she can help you shift your business journey from a turbulent roller-coaster ride to a smooth sailing operation.

Corrine wears many hats in the business world - she's a certified marketer, business coach, business consultant, and a whiz at customer experience. She uses all these skills to help you go from just scraping by to absolutely nailing it in your business. With Corrine on your team, it's not just about surviving the tough business world. Nope, it's about confidently maneuvering through all those tricky turns and really making your mark.

Corrine has exceeded Bornam's expectations by providing invaluable assistance. Her relentless drive to develop efficient systems has enabled us to achieve remarkable results in record time. We were thoroughly impressed with the exceptional work she delivered for our website, and we highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to enhance their online presence. Corrine's input is guaranteed to yield tangible outcomes, making her an indispensable asset to any team or project.

Ronald Waudo / Founder & CEO - Bornam Music School

Email: corrine@marketingandbusinessacademy.com
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