Do You Like the People You Serve?

You’re in the business of helping others, and you likely do it well, or your company wouldn’t still be open. But the question is: As a service-based business, do you actually
like the people you serve?

In most jobs, you can clock in and out. And if you don’t love the people that business works with, it’s okay. It’s just a job.

However, as a business owner, your relationship with the work you do every day is very different. And whether or not you genuinely like the people you’re serving MATTERS.

Because if you’re not passionate about your people, it’s going to be really hard for your work to light you up. And your lack of passion will eventually come out in your customer experience.

If you’re not connected with your audience, if you’re not passionate about what you do and who you serve… People can tell.

Why? Because people like people who like them. Plain and simple. (Check out Seth’s blog for some fabulous commentary on this idea of likability)

When you lack enthusiasm for the work you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, it will come across in how you communicate with them. You’ll likely communicate with less empathy, in shorter responses, and with more delay.

Sure, there are a lot of ways you can make money as a business owner, and that’s part of the point. After all, you’re not running a non-profit here. 

BUT if you’re only in it for the money, that initial momentum you get when working with a new client or customer will be short-lived. Eventually, they’re going to wise up and realize they’re just a number to you. 

Then, they’ll move on and give their money to someone else — likely, someone who’s more excited to serve them and actually LIKES them.

So, what do you do if you realize you’re not feeling lit up about the people you’re serving?

The answer could be as simple as making a shift by narrowing down the niche of your service-based business.

For example, you may currently be providing marketing services to a variety of different companies, but the clients you’re really passionate about working with are non-profits. So, that’s where your focus should be.

Maybe you’re a life coach who guides people through major transitions, but the people you’re most passionate about helping are women going through menopause. In that case, you should pivot only to serve those women.

So many people think that niche-ing down will limit their impact and growth. But in reality, when you get super specific about who you help with your service-based business, you can make the most significant impact and provide an even more amazing customer experience!

For your service-based business — and YOU as the business owner — to truly thrive in customer experience and lead from a place of service, you must be passionate about who you’re serving.

If you’re not, you’re essentially faking your passion for helping people to the best of your ability. And eventually, your false excitement will wane, and your clients will see through the charade. Then, they will move on to work with someone passionate about serving them.


You must like the people you serve in your business. If you don’t, people aren’t going to stick it out and become loyal, raving fans. After all, if you’re not passionate about them, why would they be dedicated to you?