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Are you ready to stand out as a digital service provider in your industry?

Set yourself apart as a Customer Experience expert!

The next step for the OBM, VA, Operations Manager, or Marketing Manager with a passion for serving people and who is ready to take their skills to the next level by filling a crucial need for business owners.

Here’s the truth…

Brands that take a customer-centric approach to doing business create raving, loyal fans and build a lasting legacy.

They also save a ton of time and money!

Because instead of wasting their valuable resources constantly mining for new clients, they have an eager and committed community continually purchasing what they put out into the world and ALSO sharing that business with everyone they encounter.

Sounds like a dream come true for the business owners you serve, right?

The problem is that most businesses don’t currently have anyone on their team who has the training, knowledge, or expertise to cultivate this kind of kickass customer experience (or CX as we like to call it around here).

At least, not yet…

This is where YOU come in, my friend.

When you become a Certified CX Specialist, you instantly elevate yourself and your services by being in the know about how customers desire to be treated at each and every step of their journey with a brand.

You’re also going to get ahead of the curve and put yourself in HIGH demand for your current and future clients.

You see, the online market is becoming more and more aware of customer experience, and people are demanding to be treated as human beings rather than just email addresses or numbers on a spreadsheet.

This means digital businesses HAVE to begin prioritizing customer experience and put customer-centric roles at the forefront when hiring new team members.

And by becoming a Certified CX Specialist now, you will get ahead of this incoming wave and allow yourself to stand out even more with prospective clients as a CX all-star!


CX Certification Program

Inside this unique and forward-looking program, you will set yourself apart from other service providers in your industry and become an even greater asset to the businesses you serve as you learn how to…

  • Anticipate client needs and potential concerns
  • Audit a business's current customer experience to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Lead from a place of service to offer truly memorable interactions and experiences 
  • Help businesses establish their customer promise and set effective boundaries around customer service
  • Address and manage difficult situations and conversations with customers
  • Utilize important metrics for measuring customer experience success
  • Leverage behavioral science and emotional intelligence to improve the customer's experience (including insight into your own CX Personality)
  • Understand the full customer cycle and how to create a journey that fully supports that cycle
Our Spring 2023 program begins on
March 6th, 2023 with limited spots available!

What's Included

Weekly 1-hour training calls every Tuesday at 11 am ET with Katrina Scarlett, CX Expert and CEO & Founder of Scarlett & Co.

Access to a dedicated community group for ongoing support and engagement with other incredible service providers seeking CX certification

Weekly training prompts and carefully curated content to help support you in becoming a CX expert

A beautiful designed Certified CX Specialist badge and certificate that you can proudly display and boast about upon program completion and certification*

Complimentary access and profile on the Certified CX Specialist Directory which will be a 'go-to' place for online businesses to seek customer-centric service providers (coming in July 2023)

Continued access to the Certified CX Specialist Community so you can stay in the loop of CX discussions, opportunity postings and connect with fellow CX Specialists

*Certification will be granted based on engagement in the program. Each applicant must show that they are taking action to attend the weekly calls or watch the replays along with reviewing and completing the content provided in the CX Portal.

Your journey to becoming a Certified CX Specialist takes place in a small cohort. This intimate learning environment ensures maximum support and encourages strong engagement from everyone in the group.

Our Spring 2023 cohort begins on March 6th, 2023, and runs for 12 weeks until May 26th, 2023.

What Clients Say

There is no better expert to learn from than Katrina Scarlett!

"Katrina has a very unique and special ability when it comes to customer care and shows so much compassion for her own customers as well as the customers of her clients. 

The level of attention she pays to the client experience is what makes her amazing at what she does. Katrina always brings problem-solving and decisions back to how the customer will be impacted and balances the customer's experience with the business's desires & needs beautifully.

For anyone looking to excel in a customer-centric role, there is no better expert to learn from than Katrina Scarlett!"

Janice Pawlitsky  Certified Director of Operations & Owner of Chaos Intervention

Her insights and knowledge will be invaluable for your own business!

"MemberVault is renown for our “I’ve never experienced customer service like this!” approach, and Katrina has been directly involved in both architecting and implementing that service. Her ability to navigate all levels of customer interactions, in a way that has the customer feeling seen and heard, has been instrumental in growing our business over the past five years.

I highly recommend any opportunity to learn from Katrina, and can promise you that her insights and knowledge will be invaluable for your own business."

Erin Kelly ● CEO & Co-Founder, MemberVault

Her keen attention to detail and curiosity allow her to always be one step ahead of me, our clients, and their needs.

As the Director of Customer Experience and Product Development at The Big Talk, Katrina has been supporting the communities and audiences of The Big Talk for more than five years. Her keen attention to detail and curiosity allow her to always be one step ahead of me, our clients, and their needs.

She is generous in love and spirit, a true collaborator, and someone I call a friend. Anyone who chooses to partner with Katrina or invest in her programs can be assured that they are in great hands and confident that their customer experience will be brought to a new level!

Tricia Brouk ●  Director, Producer, Founder & CEO of The Big Talk


Your Investment

When you invest in becoming a Certified CX Specialist, you instantly elevate yourself and your services. By knowing how customers desire to be treated and how to turn them into raving, loyal fans, you'll put yourself in high demand for your current and future clients.

When you join the Spring 2023 round of the CX Certification Program, you'll have two payment options - full payment or installment plan.

$2997 USD

(or 3 payments of $999 USD)

Why partner with Scarlett & Co. for this certification?

Our founder & CEO, Katrina Scarlett, has been in the business of creating killer customer experiences for decades.

As both a consumer and an entrepreneur herself, Katrina has experienced firsthand how automated and impersonal the online business world has become. Now, she’s determined to bring the customer experience and human element to the forefront of digital businesses!


She and her team are on a not-so-secret mission to help brands create a legacy of raving, loyal fans by offering them a mind-blowing customer experience.


At Scarlett & Co., we want your people (and the people of the businesses you serve!) to keep coming back again and again, not just because of incredible services and products, but also because they’re treated like freakin’ royalty throughout their entire journey!


And with our new CX Certification Program, we want to empower YOU to create this kind of customer experience for the clients you support as you also elevate yourself and stand out in your industry.

Do you have a passion for serving people?

Are you ready to set yourself apart as an OBM, VA, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, or digital service provider?

Do you want to get ahead of the incoming wave and become an expert when it comes to providing a killer customer experience now?

…then this program is for YOU!

Common Questions

What type of role can I seek after I become a Certified CX Specialist?

As a Certified CX Specialist, you'll be well-positioned to take on a variety of customer-centric roles in the online space:

※ Customer Support Rep
※ Client Concierge
※ Customer Service Specialist
※ Customer Experience Specialist
※ Customer Service/Experience Manager
※ Director of Customer Experience & Service

Truth be told, many online businesses are just starting to introduce a customer-centric role to their team, and by being one of the first to become a Certified CX Specialist, you'll have a unique advantage compared to other applicants.

I already work as a service provider for online businesses. Will this certification benefit me?

Absolutely! Even if you are already a successful virtual assistant, executive assistant, marketing coordinator, online business manager, director of operations, etc., this certification will help you escalate your skill set, knowledge, and confidence so you can serve your clients in a much bigger way than you already do.

And the more you invest in building your skill set and knowledge, the better positioned you are to increase your rates.

Why are spots in the program limited and how many spots are available?

A key focus of this program is to ensure an exceptional program experience for all; one that is high-touch and initimate so all involved can get well acquainted with each other and feel safe & comfortable together. In support of this focus, the program is limited to no more than 15ppl. 

I'm already good with people. Do I really need a certification to hold a customer-centric role for an online business?

No, it's not required that you hold a certification in customer experience to take on a customer-centric position. However, this investment in yourself and your career will help you stand out among others who may be applying for the same positions as you are.

And as more online business owners begin to create customer-centric roles on their team, the more competitive the hiring process will become, so having specific training around how to work directly with customers will be a huge advantage.

Once I'm certified, is there a guarantee that I will get hired for a customer-centric role with an online business?

While we can't guarantee that you will be hired for a customer-centric role after completing the program, our Certified CX Specialist Directory will be a great way for you to get exposure with businesses seeking to fill a customer-centric role. And by staying engaged with our community, you will also be made directly aware of any open positions that are shared with us.

Will I automatically be certified at the end of the 12-week program?

Certification will be granted based on engagement in the program. Each applicant must show that they are taking action to attend the weekly calls or watch the replays along with reviewing and completing the content provided in MemberVault.  

We want to protect the integrity of the certification for all of our cohort members and ensure that when you walk away as a Certified CX Specialist, you’re ready to take on customer experience roles as an expert!

Still have questions?

Hit us up at and our team is happy to help! We promise that we’re only going to encourage you to sign up for this program if it’s the right fit for you and your goals.

Ready to take the next step?

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