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CX Legacy Scholarship Fund!

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At Scarlett & Co., we’re all about opening doors, serving others, and spreading love and awareness for the incredible impact of Customer Experience in the online world.

Imagine a place where aspiring CX superheroes receive the boost they need to shine, no matter where they’re starting from. That’s what we’re all about!

So, how do we work our magic with the CX Legacy Scholarship Fund?

Well, it’s all thanks to YOU!

When you show your support by grabbing some goodies from our CX Shop, you’re not only getting awesome digital products to enhance your own business; you’re also helping us fulfill our mission.

A portion of every purchase made at the CX Shop goes directly towards supporting our CX Legacy Scholarship Fund. With your help, we empower and inspire service-centered individuals who are eager to navigate and thrive within the dynamic world of customer experience.


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Here’s the heart of it:

authenticity is our game

We handpick our scholarship recipients with utmost care, ensuring that every contribution makes a tangible difference where it’s needed most. Because to us, this isn’t just about leaving a legacy; it’s about creating opportunity for others and igniting a movement of positive change within the online business community, where the importance of customer experience is recognized and valued.

If you’re passionate about sprinkling good vibes on the world and making a real difference, then guess what?
You’ve come to the right place!

Together, let’s make an impact by spreading kindness and creating opportunities for others—one CX Legacy scholarship at a time! 🚀✨