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17 Ways to Shine as a Customer Experience Rockstar

As a digital service provider, this guide will help you uncover 17 expert-approved ways to impress your customers with your CX now!

Your customer’s experience doesn’t and shouldn’t stop when they make a purchase

As a business owner, your job isn’t to create a one-and-done situation for your clients or customers.

When they click the “buy” button or hand you their credit card, that isn’t the end of your relationship. In fact, hopefully it’s just the beautiful beginning!

Imagine if instead of constantly mining for new clients & customers, you had a raving loyal fan base who was eager to continually purchase what you put out into the world.

It’s completely possible! It’s simply a matter of shifting your business strategy to a customer-centric approach that focuses more on creating the ideal human experience and journey and less on automation.




There’s nothing wrong with a business strategy that focuses on automating parts of your brand! Efficiency’s important, right?!? There are only so many hours in the day, and automation can help in so many ways!

But even in the digital space, people want to do business with other people; not robots. They want to feel valued as an individual and as a customer, rather than simply being a number in your email list or a conversion stat.

How to Work With
These Humans

We’re in the business of helping your business better serve your people. Plain & simple.

Our goal is always to help you create a base of loyal fans who love coming back to your business time and again… not just because of the kick-ass products or services you offer, but because of how you value and treat them throughout their whole experience and journey with you.

We do this by supporting both clients who want our direct support and helping to provide support and guidance towards service providers looking to step up their customer experience game for their clients.

How can we best support you right now?

Are you a business owner ready to elevate your customer experience strategies and tools?

Let us support you with strategizing and implementing customer-centric processes & systems in your business.

Are you a service provider looking to grow your skills in customer experience and customer service?

Gain valuable insights, skills, and tools in CX that will help you create more impactful experiences in your clients’ businesses.

Are you looking for customer experience resources and trainings for you or your team?

Head to our CX shop — your go-to place for customer experience resources that will have people raving about your (or your client’s) business.

Do you know you want CX support, but you’re unsure of the best option for you?

We want to meet you right where you are and help you find exactly what you need. Book a call to chat with us.

Let’s flip the script!

Instead of focusing on a business strategy that tries to automate away your problems, let’s embrace your customers & bring the human experience to the forefront of your business.

Yes, you absolutely need systems and tools to run your business, but you also need to remember that on the other side of that Facebook ad or automatic invoice is a person.

And that person is coming to you for help solving a very real problem in their life, and if you do it well, you may just end up creating a life-long fan of your business and the legacy you’re building with it.

Also, you can do all of this with way less effort than you’re currently imagining! Trust us, it’s so much easier to keep your customers coming back and raving about you to others than it is to constantly find new ones on your own.

“Raving, loyal fans are your secret weapon because they will continue to advocate and support your business, even if they no longer require your products and services.”


– Katrina Scarlett – 

Why work with
Scarlett & Co.?

Our founder & CEO, Katrina Scarlett, has been in the business of creating killer customer experiences for decades.

As both a consumer and an entrepreneur herself, Katrina has experienced first hand how automated and impersonal the online business world has become. Now, she’s determined to bring the customer experience & human element to the forefront of your digital business!

She and her team are experts at helping business owners gain back their valuable time & energy (and raise their profit margins!) while serving their people at the highest level with ease.

Katrina currently lives in Canada with her favourite human (aka her husband) and their two adorable dogs, Rosie & Bailey.

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