Authors & Coaches, Are You Ready to Grow Your Business Without Constantly Searching for New Clients?

It’s time to create a client experience so amazing that problems like client retention and a disconnected offer stack will be things of the past!

We’re THE go-to experts for elevating your client satisfaction and improving monetization so you can have more impact.

Your Client’s Experience Doesn’t (And Shouldn’t) Stop When They Make A Purchase

As a coach or author, your job isn’t to create a one-and-done situation for your clients or program members.

When they click the “buy” button, your relationship doesn’t end. Hopefully, it’s just beginning!

Imagine if, instead of constantly seeking new clients, you truly wowed the people who are already purchasing from you.

This happens when you cultivate a stand-out client experience that decreases the number of people leaving your programs AND increases their desire to continue investing in your business! Not to mention, they’ll soon be sharing your name with everyone they know.

It’s completely possible. It’s simply a matter of shifting your business strategy to a client-centric approach and ensuring you have a client experience expert on your team!

How do I know if I have a Client Experience problem?

The truth is… Most authors and coaches don’t know they have a client experience problem.

But if you and your team always operate reactively and continually have to put out fires with issues like poor client communication or low retention, a less-than-stellar client experience is probably at the heart of it.

Let’s move you from reactive to proactive as we create the kind of client experience that gets people excited to stick it out and invest in every single thing you offer!

How to Work With Us

We’re in the business of helping you better serve your people. Plain & simple.

We help you solve problems like…

  • ZRetaining your clients or program members
  • ZMonetizing the valuable knowledge you bring to the table
  • ZImproving a disconnected offer stack

    We do this by directly supporting coaches and authors like you in their businesses and by training members of their teams to become Client Experience Experts.

    Let’s flip the script!

    Instead of constantly marketing to attract new clients, let’s train a member of your team to become a client experience expert and put the human experience at the forefront of your business.

    When you put your clients first, you end up creating lifelong fans for your business who not only want to continue investing in you but ALSO share your name with their all friends.

    Trust us, it’s so much easier to keep your clients coming back and raving about you to others than to constantly find new ones.

    “It took me about one second to realize that Katrina was an absolute unicorn in this space! I have worked with a lot of service providers, specialists, mentors, coaches, and marketing agencies through my own client projects… And I can tell you that Katrina literally stands above all others.”

    – Amber Vilhauer –

    CEO of NGNG Enterprises

    Why work with
    Scarlett & Co.?

    Our founder & CEO, Katrina Scarlett, has been in the business of creating killer client experiences for decades.

    As both a consumer and an entrepreneur herself, Katrina has experienced firsthand how automated and impersonal the online business world has become. Now, she’s determined to bring the client experience & human element to the forefront of your digital business!

    She and her team are experts at helping authors and coaches regain their valuable time and energy (and raise their profit margins!) while effortlessly serving their people at the highest level.

    Katrina currently lives in Canada with her favourite human (aka her husband) and their two adorable dogs, Rosie & Bailey.

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